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        Fierce competition in low voltage contactor Market
        writer: szxianhecom           time:2018-11-07 11:19:30

        In the development of electrical industry, low-voltage contactor as a traditional low-voltage electrical products, has been very mature. Sufficient market demand has generated a large number of low voltage contactor manufacturers. If enterprises want to enter the low-voltage contactor market and benefit from it, they need to have a better understanding of the current mainland low-voltage contactor market, including the main aspects.

        Low voltage contactor as a traditional low-voltage electrical appliances products, has been very mature. The manufacturing process of low-voltage contactor itself is not complicated, and the technology content is relatively low. With sufficient market demand, a large number of low-voltage contactor manufacturers have emerged. The prices of low-voltage contactors with different load currents also show great differences, covering from more than ten yuan to several thousand yuan. Section. If enterprises want to enter the low-voltage contactor market and benefit from it, they need to have a better understanding of the current mainland low-voltage contactor market, including the main application industries, industry chains, potential industries and so on.

        According to the latest survey report of JFUnited, China Mainland Low Voltage Contactor Market Survey Report 2008, it shows that low entry threshold, low brand concentration, strong market demand and good market prospects are the positive factors for investment in low voltage contactor market. The increasingly fierce competition in the industry, product homogeneity, narrow profit margin is also an important factor that investors have to consider.

        In this report, JEF jointly studied the main market segments of low voltage contactors, such as power, machinery, petrochemical, metallurgical, rail transit, and analyzed the industrial chains of each segment application market. It also pointed out the current competitive situation of the above segment market from the aspects of market concentration, price competition pattern and so on. At the same time, the report also makes a targeted analysis of different market share enterprises in terms of brand, channel, logistics and key market segments.

        JFUnited survey report shows that the market scale of low voltage contactors in China mainland reached 4.76 billion yuan in 2007, and maintained a good growth momentum in the next few years. The main applications of low-voltage contactors are concentrated in mechanical and electrical fields, accounting for 72.5% of the total sales, and these two industries have maintained a relatively rapid growth momentum. Therefore, it is important for major enterprises to occupy better resources in the field of power and machinery.

        The market concentration of low voltage contactors is not high, especially in the low end product market. Schneider currently has a large market share (about 10%) in the mainland low-voltage contactor market, while the market share of other enterprises is below 7%. The first five enterprises only account for 35.1% of the total market capacity, while the remaining 64.9% are shared by many low-voltage contactor manufacturers.

        At present, a large part of low-voltage contactors in mainland China are purchased by low-voltage equipment manufacturers, which are sensitive to price. Therefore, the price of the mainland low voltage contactor market is generally low. At present, the middle and high-end market of low-voltage contactors in mainland China is basically occupied by foreign brands. Most of the products of mainland enterprises are located in the low-end market, and the competition is fierce. However, the aggravation of the overall market competition can not conceal the increase of profits brought by the good growth of some segments of the market. The subdivision application industry of low-voltage contactor is mainly traditional industry. The development of these industries is the premise of the development of low-voltage contactor market. Low voltage contactor market is greatly influenced by demand industry development.

        In the report, JFUnited made an in-depth analysis of the overall market of low-voltage contactor products and the supply and demand situation of the main market segments. The rapid growth of installed capacity of power generation, the substantial increase of output of mechanical products and the growth of investment in petrochemical industry and metallurgy all have an impact on the future growth of low-voltage contactors. From the point of market segmentation, the fields of electricity, machinery, petrochemical, metallurgy and rail transit show different purchasing characteristics. This is the key point that low-voltage contactor manufacturers should grasp in order to stand firm in the competition and increase market share, and also the key point that new enterprises must grasp.

        Nowadays, the products of low-voltage contactors are very mature. Most of the main enterprises in the low-voltage contactor market were founded or entered into mainland China in the 1990s, and occupied most of the market share. These enterprises have strong strength. However, this does not mean that new entrants have no chance to survive, and there are still enterprises that have entered the market in recent years and achieved better performance among the enterprises surveyed. These enterprises have found and seized the potential demand of low voltage contactor market and succeeded. At present, low-voltage contactor products are not very different, most manufacturers can replace each other's products. Therefore, it is an important way for enterprises to expand market share to seize the demand of subdivision application industry.

        The fierce competition in the low-voltage contactor market can also drive the overall development of the whole market and make the electrical industry develop faster.

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