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        The company needs 5 foreign trade salesmen for business development.
        writer: szxianhecom           time:2018-11-07 11:18:33

        The company needs 5 foreign trade salesmen for its business development.

        Requirements: 1. Graduated from international trade.

        2. More than one year working experience, English level four or above, fluent speaking.

        3. Be familiar with the operation of foreign trade and the operation of documents.

        4, can separate orders, documentary

        The relevant information is as follows:

        Our company was founded in 1990. The main product series are: temperature controller series, AV co-core socket series, CK6.35 socket series, 2.56/3.5 socket series, DC power socket series, AC power socket series, S terminal series, WP external connection socket series, USB socket series, fuse socket series, key switch series, direct key switch series, SCART socket series. PZ power socket series, computer socket series, power switch series, ship type switch series, KFC light touch switch series, micro switch series, connector series, horizontal handle/lever type switch series, microphone socket, headphone socket, SCART socket, external outlet, power socket, S terminal, power switch, ship Switches, touch switches, micro switches, connectors and other electronic components. Products are widely used in computers, audio-visual equipment and various household appliances and electronic instruments and meters.

        After more than ten years of development and manufacturing experience, the company has become a professional manufacturer with strong technical force, advanced and complete production and testing equipment and huge production scale. As early as 1997, it has passed ISO 9001 international quality system certification, UL, VDE, CCC and other safety certificates.

        The products sell well all over the country and exported from many famous manufacturers. The company always adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first", "quality first", "continuous improvement" and "striving for brand".

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